Chapter 2 has started!

I just mass-updated 3-4 pages to start off Chapter 2. Sorry for the delay, but great news! I’m all moved in and got a new job! šŸ™‚ I start tomorrow at a new startup in the SF Bay Area and am excited for work. I really have no idea what to expect, so I hope the team is good and that we will do great things together. And that I will have a normal work schedule/routine so that I can draw pages more regularly. ^^”

But on that note, now that I’ve finally moved in to my new place, got a new desk, and settled in to my space (with furniture that I picked for style (as opposed to just “what’s cheap?” ah the college days… :3)), I should have more time to just sit and draw. It’s kind of weird doing that again! Who knew?

Meanwhile, a couple of friends of mine and I just started a “Drawing Meats” artist group. We’re… still figuring out the motto and etc… but we have business cards now (lol). Anyways… check it out if you are free:

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