February Update

75 pages! Yes!

Another 2 months have past and the pages are chugging along slowly, but at a regular pace. They’re getting faster to draw, making my constant struggle with a buffer less difficult. Of course, that’s only when I don’t have massive backgrounds to draw. Those are less common now.

I’ve learned some tricks to help me through. 3D models for reference work, Manga Studio’s mannequins (though I use these less), and then just a repetitive process make the pages easier to crunch though. it’s almost relaxing in its routine.

So Fanime, the big anime convention of the SF Bay Area, is coming up in a few months. I’m debating going, since I’m really not a fan of giant crowds and my past experiences in their artist alley were… exhausting. >.< But… I didn’t have a webcomic back then. What do you think? A friend of mine got a table to sell. While I can’t legally sell at a convention, she did say that in exchange for helping I could do some free self-promotion at her table.

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