100 Pages!

Wow! I made 100 pages! Needless to say, this is a huge personal accomplishment, having stuck with this project long enough to have 100 whole pages drawn for it. I’m only a few pages away from finishing volume 1 (20-30 or so). Perhaps then I will have a post mortem to share since I do feel like tackling on this first webcomic of mine did comes with a lot of lessons learned.

Not that we’re in June, I thought I’d update the blog part of this webcomic to just give an update on daily life.

I did end up going to Fanime, though I didn’t have a table in the Artist Alley. And I probably only spent a total amount of time in Fanime of… 1 hour, mostly just checking in with my friends who did have a table (oh, one of them also started her own webcomic over on tapastic too! Do check it out: Red Reminiscence ). Clockwork Alchemy, the steampunk convention, had my attention instead. I liked the refined style, and the smaller, quieter atmosphere of the con instead (I think it says something when “remember to shower” does not need to be on the registration form of a convention). Plus, I’ve been reading Jim Butcher’s new steampunk book, The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass , which really got me in the mood for the con. I even dressed up! Not as elaborate as some of the victorian aristocrat gowns I saw there, but this is probably as far as I’ll go for cosplay. I mean, I found that faux corset to be a pain to wear already. I can’t imagine the full get-up, with the bustle and a real full-torso corset on top!

You know what’s another factor that makes steampunk cons worthwhile. Male cosplay. Guys look good when they try (just like girls, those girls tend to try on a normal basis). And when guys try to look aristocratic and stately, it looks good.

It’s one of the cool things about steampunk fashion. Your body type, etc really doesn’t matter b/c the clothing and fashion is all based on high quality layers and details. If you wear good quality items (that fit, mind you!), take the time to shave, or do up your hair, or etc, you look great!

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